Shamelessly PINK. Liberated from genderization. A PINK for those who dare, a freeing kind of PINK, is taking center stage in Maccapani’s second collection.

But there also are electric shades, like a dazzling ORANGE that turns on any look. Or a  revelatory, captivating BLACK, in organize, lace and mesh, that certainly doesn’t turn it off. While fluoro SILVER is sexy on the skin, the already iconic LILAC is as catalyzing as a neon. And then there’s CHESTNUT, added when appropriate, to tone down the light a bit. Allover digital flower motives, airbrush prints and punchy placed graphics enliven the fabrics.

MACCAPANI is a language that transcends trends. A hymn to emancipation from rules, codes and canons, preconceptions and prejudices. Built around functional, performing pieces that can take you everywhere, 24 hours a day, from school to work and from gym to your dearest techno club- or elsewhere. Dresses, skirts, micro tops, leggings, panties, and lots of very light, stretchy, sensual pieces to mix, match and overlap with total freedom of dressing and being. Balanced out by oversized garments, such as printed sweatshirts, monochrome tops like wide scarves to be wrapped around the waist and classic fetish logo Ts adding a casual vibe to any ensemble.

MACCAPANI is an identity, a self-proclamation, a style statement conceived during and around a time of deep cultural and consumption changes. It’s like wearing a new kind of self-awareness, with the freedom to be disruptive and unconcerned. It is an idea without rules, which calls to be styled in singular ways.